Standards of Excellence

In order to create an atmosphere of excellence and glorify our Lord and Savior, the following standards will need to be followed by the students and supported by their parents. The behavior, language, dress, and study habits of all students should reflect their obedience to the Bible and the standards outlined below.

Statement of Faith

Home Run Ministries is a Christian organization, which subscribes to the basic tenets of Biblical Christianity. The following statements are the belief positions of Home Run Ministries and the basis for its operations and teachings.

    The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, are the inspired, inerrant, infallible, and final authoritative Word of God.

    There is only one God, eternally existing in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God the Son was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man in the flesh, except without sin. God the Holy Spirit indwells and seals any person who accepts Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death as the only payment for their sin.

    Man was created in the image and likeness of God, but through Adam’s sin all men fell, inherited a sinful nature, and became alienated from God’s righteousness and holy character. Man is now under God’s wrath and condemnation, totally depraved, and of himself, utterly unable to remedy his lost condition.

    In order to redeem man from his lost condition, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to pay the penalty of man’s sin through His substitutionary death on the cross. Through His subsequent visible, bodily resurrection Jesus Christ has made the way for man to be reconciled with God the Father. Jesus Christ offers this free gift of salvation to man. It must be accepted individually in faith alone, not trusting in any personal acts or works, but in His death and resurrection only.

DRESS CODE - Students will dress in modest and neat attire. Shorts, skirts, and dresses that are shorter then fingertip length when arms are held straight down at one's side are prohibited. Tank tops, bare feet, “in style” ripped clothing, HATS, and T-shirts with inappropriate messages are also prohibited. It is desired that clothing will present a Christian testimony.

CLASSROOM CONDUCT Please arrive by 8:45 for opening assembly. Tardiness is disrespectful and disrupts the activities. We require respectful behavior in the classroom towards both the teacher and fellow students. Note passing, talking in class, and inattentiveness are distracting to others and prevent the teacher from completing the lesson in the allotted time. Please come prepared for each class with an “eager to learn” attitude. All students will assist in keeping the classrooms, hallways, kitchen, and outdoors clean and neat. NO CELL PHONES are permitted at Super Friday.  All gaming toys, IPods, and other personal belongings must be left home.

ATTITUDE Great students will approach the learning and studying with eagerness and obedience. When a student has an attitude of respect for their teachers and classmates, we all achieve excellence. Students will be at their best when they aspire to do their best! We strive to assist all students with reaching their God-given potential while emphasizing Christian values along with the enrichment and fun.

CHARACTER TRAINING - The training of home school students to be role models and leaders in society is a goal we share with parents. Students should strive for excellence in their character by pursuing Godly characteristics, including, but certainly not limited to: kindness, a Christ-like love for others, obedience, responsibility, integrity, respect, attentiveness, gratefulness, and truthfulness.

FACILITIES - Students will respect the property of the facility. Marked-on, defaced, or broken property is to be replaced at the student’s expense. Care and respect will honor the graciousness of the church staff and members. Students may not roam the facility or grounds unsupervised.

PARENTS' DUTIES - Financial obligations need to be met as outlined. Arrival time should be no earlier than 8:40 and pick up time is 12:15 PM.

PERSONAL ITEMS - Please label ALL items brought to Super Friday for classroom use.

DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES - At the time of a student’s first offense to any conduct codes, the student will be sent to the Director or Assistant Director. The student will be informed individually of expected changes in behavior, and a parent will be notified. If a second offense should occur, the student will be suspended for one class period, and a parent will be notified. Any future offenses may result in the removal of the child from the program.

FINANCIAL - Registration fees are due at the time of registration. A confirmation package, sent in mid-August/mid-December will outline your total costs and payment due dates. Late payments will incur a fee of $15.00. A late payment in August/December may forfeit your child’s space in any class with a waiting list. Returned check fee is $15.00.

Due to the high demand for Super Friday classes and the need for extensive preparation, if you need to withdraw your student(s) and desire a tuition refund, you must do so at least 14 days prior to the first day of classes.  After that time, you will forfeit 50% of your tuition fee and ALL supply fees.  Registration fees are non-refundable.


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