Do I have to sign my child up for all four academic class periods? 

Parents may register their students for any number of classes they wish. Tuition payments are calculated per class.


Do I have to pay tuition on a monthly payment plan?

Parents have two choices of tuition payments.  Parents may pay tuition either in eight monthly payments or one annual payment of tuition prior to the beginning of the school year at a considerable savings off the monthly tuition price.  When parents register their students, they indicate on the registration form which payment plan they have chosen.  The registration fee and any placement tests as well as the writing workshop for new English students are paid at the time of registration—before July 31, the book fee and science lab fees are paid on or before the first day of classes in August, and the tuition is paid by whichever of the two payment plans the family chooses.


What are the steps to enrolling a new student?

A complete list is on the website.  Briefly, parents and new student(s) need to complete the application form.  Please also mail to Mrs. Sellner in advance of the new student conference, the completed registration form and check, the Participation Agreement, the Policies Agreement, the notarized Medical Release along with the student’s essay.  The new student essay should be written without assistance on one of the following topics:  1) Describe any mission activities in which you have participated; 2) Describe your relationship with Jesus Christ; or 3) Describe a person who has influenced your life positively including the ways he or she has influenced you.  While middle school students should write at least one well-developed paragraph, high school students should write at least three well-developed paragraphs. Once Mrs. Sellner receives those and the letter of recommendation from your pastor, Mrs. Sellner will call or email to schedule a family conference.  Mrs. Sellner will schedule the math interview and/or English placement test(s) at the mutual convenience of the family and the tester(s) following the conference with the parents, the new student, Mrs. Sellner, Mrs. Trapani, and one board member.


Where do the classes meet?

Classes meet at Kingwood Bible Church, 3610 Lake Houston Parkway, Kingwood, TX 77345 across Lake Houston Parkway from Creekwood Middle School.


Does my child have to be enrolled in academic classes to take the Stanford Achievement Test in May?

Registering for the Stanford Achievement Test in May is optional for both Home Run Ministries students and other homeschooling students who do not attend Home Run classes. There is a charge in either case. During the summer, the testing report mailed to the parents of those who took the SAT test in May indicates whether the student is average, below average, or above average in each skill tested.  The report assists parents in evaluating their student’s mastery of skills at a particular grade level so they can decide what skills need to be emphasized the next school year.  As parents make curriculum choices, they will want to consider the scores.


Are you a testing site for the Scholastic Aptitude Test?

No, Home Run Ministries does not operate a testing site for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, also abbreviated SAT, or the PSAT, the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test.


Where can my child take the PSAT?

Since Northeast Christian Academy serves as a testing site, you may want to consult the counselor's page on NCA's website-- .  Peggy Pickens is the counselor, and questions can be emailed to her, or you can call her at 281-359-1090, Ext. 220, after reading the information on the website. 


Does Home Run offer a review class for the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the PSAT (the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)?

Kingwood College offers a class for review prior to a student’s taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the PSAT.  Another resource for your older students:  ACT/SAT practice tests are on-line at .  Mrs. Czarnik, one of our HRM teachers, frequently offers a test prep class, which she’ll advertise on the Home Run Yahoo Group and on the HEART website.  In addition, any good bookstore will offer SAT or PSAT review books containing sample tests and test-taking strategies.


What are the dates of the holidays Home Run will observe so that we can plan our vacation trips?

Home Run Ministries will observe the same major holidays as the Humble Independent School District. Students and teachers will have the entire week of Thanksgiving, three weeks at Christmas, and one week of spring break as well as Easter Monday.  The entire schedule is on the website under the Academic Program.


Since there are only four English classes, and there are seven calendar years between sixth grade and twelfth grade, will my student be able to take English every year?

English students will spend at least one year in each English class.  Since the literature selections and many of the other materials used in Basic English, English 1, English 2, and English ¾ are on a two-year rotating basis, the second year in the same English class will be different and provide an opportunity for a student to master the skills, mature in his or her vocabulary development, grammar, and writing skills.  When parents prepare their student’s high school transcript, they can title the English classes Ninth Grade English, Tenth Grade English, Eleventh Grade English, and Twelfth Grade English or Freshman English, Sophomore English, Junior English and Senior English rather than using the English 1, 2, 3, or 4 designations.


Who prepares the student’s high school transcript?

Parents prepare the high school transcript using the report cards provided by Home Run Ministries and any documentation of courses taken at home or elsewhere.  If parents prefer, the Home Run office will prepare a transcript for a $20 fee, but the parent will need to provide all the necessary information to the Home Run office since the office only has a record of grades made in classes taken at Home Run.  Parents need to allow at least two weeks for the office to prepare a student’s transcript once they have made the request as well as paid the $20 fee.


Do you have school dances, clubs, sports, etc.? 

Home Run Ministries assists homeschooling families with the academic needs of their students.  Parents make the arrangements for all instruction, hobbies, sports, and other activities.


When should I register for the next school year?

The Home Run Ministries registration period begins in late March and ends July 31 for the following school year.  Since there is a discount for early registration, most families prefer to register before May 31 in order to benefit from the early registration discount and to be sure students get into the courses they need.  Many courses fill up before the end of the early registration period.


What do the students do when they don’t have a class?

During class periods when students do not take classes, they must either be picked up by one of their parents or be enrolled and present in a study hall, for which there is a charge.


Do you serve lunch?

Students bring their lunches if they need or want to have lunch on campus between their second and third period classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Even though there is no lunch preparation service, students may use a refrigerator in the kitchen to store their lunches and may microwave them if they want a hot meal.  Seniors, with written parental permission, may go off campus for lunch.


Do you offer scholarships?

There are limited, partial scholarship funds available on the basis of financial need.  Those wishing to apply for a partial scholarship must submit an application before August 1 for the upcoming school year.  Applications may be obtained by emailing or by leaving a message with the complete mailing address on the Home Run telephone—281-360-4910.


Can a student participate in both academic classes and Super Friday?

Yes, a student may register for both academic and Super Friday classes.  Choices of Super Friday classes and times are listed on the website, and registration for Super Friday classes is handled by Dawn Pryn, Super Friday Dean. ( )


Does Home Run teach Christian doctrine?

Home Run Ministries is a Christian organization, and the Statement of Faith as well as the Statement of Purpose can be read on the website or in printed materials.  When a question about a disputable doctrine arises, we refer the student to his family’s and church’s interpretation for further clarification.  We attempt primarily to focus on Christian beliefs we hold in common.


May I visit one or more classes?

You are welcome to visit classes if you have called or emailed to schedule an appointment.


When do you do the interviewing and placement testing?

Interviews are scheduled from late May through July at the mutual convenience of the interviewers and the family.  Placement tests are also scheduled at the mutual convenience of the tester and the family after the family has submitted all the requested components and has participated in the interview.  Both interviews and placement tests will be completed as soon as possible so that the appropriate number of books can be ordered for each class.


Does my new student have to attend the intensive writing workshop in August?

If your child is a new English student at Home Run, he or she is required to attend the writing workshop in August the week before school begins.  Please plan your vacation schedules accordingly.


Do you offer bus service for student transportation?

No, we don’t offer bus service, but we can refer families to other families living in the same vicinity for carpooling purposes.


Do you accept special education students?

Most of the HRM teachers are not trained in special education techniques.  The faculty and administration are happy to include special education students if a student can succeed in our college preparatory classes with only minor modifications.


Revised 3/22/14



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