Academic Program Policies


While it is our desire that all demonstrate Godly character and behavior at all times, the following policies have been put in writing since all Home Run Ministries parents and students need to be aware of expectations and the consequences that will be enforced in the event of infractions and need to agree to abide by these policies.



Students who arrive late to class without an appropriate note or without being accompanied by the parent will not be admitted to class.  The students will be sent to the office to work there, and the parent will be contacted.  Missed graded work may result in zeroes on that work without the opportunity to make it up, and/or points may be deducted from the class participation grade.



Students who are running a fever of 100 degrees or higher or experience symptoms of illness like vomiting, diarrhea, discolored mucous, excessive coughing/sneezing, bad headaches, pink eye, or any other contagious symptoms need to be kept home to recover rather than be brought to school.


In the event of absence for any reason, parents should notify the school office by telephone (281-360-4910) or email ( on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays), and/or send a note stating the reason for the absence, the date of the absence(s), the student’s name, and the parent’s signature.


Students missing excessive numbers of classes will not make sufficient progress in those classes.  Accordingly, students missing more than 25% of the class meetings for any given course will be considered as auditors of such a course and will not receive Home Run credit for that course.  Special consideration will be given with a doctor’s explanation of a medical condition.


Dress Code/Items Brought to School

Students are to wear neat, modest attire in good repair.  Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least as long as the end of that student’s fingertips when holding her hands straight down by her side.  Slits in dresses and skirts must go no higher than fingertip length. No hats, clothes bearing inappropriate graphics or messages, tank tops, halter tops, bare feet, ripped clothing, or tight, revealing clothing may be worn to/in school.  Shirts must cover the midriff. Visible body piercing, tattoos, earrings on males, and hair covering the eyes are also prohibited.  The staff reserves the right to determine dress and style infractions at any time, including anything that may distract others.  No CD players, IPods, or other electronic equipment may be brought to school or used before, during, or after school while on school property.  Cell phones are to remain in the OFF position and used only with permission of the teachers or administrators.  No weapons or anything easily used as a weapon, drugs, or anything deemed dangerous may be brought into the building or on the premises. Teachers will confiscate forbidden items brought to school or items inappropriately used at school—for instance, cell phones ringing during class.  Parents may collect confiscated belongings from the office. Medicines the student needs to take while on the premises must be delivered with a parent note to the administrator rather than left in the possession of the student.  Home Run Ministries students represent the ministry when on Facebook and all other social media outlets; accordingly, students should not use profanity, sacrilege, crudity, or disrespect in their communications.


Leaving Campus

Only seniors may leave campus between classes or at lunch provided the parents have signed a release form that is on file with the office.  All other students are expected to remain on campus for lunch unless they are picked up by their own parents or other approved adults with a parent’s written permission.


Facility Usage

Students, teachers, and administration are guests of Kingwood Bible Church and are to keep the building clean and in good repair at all times.  Students who write on or otherwise damage furniture, walls, fixtures, or any other parts of the building will be held responsible for repairing or replacing damaged property at their own expense.  Home Run Ministries pays rent for the use of certain parts of the building on certain days and at certain times.  The areas of the building that may be used by Home Run students are the entire second-floor classroom hallway where the HRM office is located, the large open room that the church calls the Connection Café, the kitchen, the gym and connecting hallways for passage purposes at lunch, and the front of the building at dismissal.  No other portion of the building may be used by our students without prior permission from the administrator.


Study Hall

A student who has no scheduled class but is in the building should be in a study hall for a nominal fee.  Since students’ parents pay for study hall and out of consideration for the other students and the study hall supervisor, those students in study hall should use it for doing academic work.  If they have completed their work, they may read a book, but they may not disturb others with laughing, talking, or playful behavior. 


Classroom/Lunch Behavior

Each teacher will explain expected classroom behavior and consequences for misbehavior within her classroom.  However, disobedient and disrespectful behavior toward another student, the teachers, the administrator, or the parents will not be tolerated.  Students should follow the teachers’ and administrator’s directions the first time given and be respectful at all times.  Students may not bring drugs or weapons to school or influence others to do so.


Academic Probation

At the point of progress reports, mid-term report cards, and/or semester report cards, students who have earned a grade lower than 70 in any academic subject on the latest report will be considered on academic probation.  During the following four-weeks, if the student has not brought that grade up to at least a 70, he/she may be dropped from that class, issued a continuing academic probation (often in the case of a student who is working hard and trying to grasp the material), or placed on an auditing status for that class.  Those students not bringing their grades up to at least a 70 in most of their classes will not be allowed to return the next school year.  If allowed to return, the classes in which they received grades lower than 70 will need to be repeated.



While some consequences have already been stated above, those not stated may follow a pattern similar to this: a warning, parent contact, parent conference with the teacher/administrator/student, suspension with zeroes on missed graded work, and finally expulsion.  For more serious behavior infractions, the consequences will be more serious.  Home Run reserves the right to determine the consequences based on the circumstances.  Should any student need to be dismissed from any Home Run classes due to behavior infractions, no tuition refunds will be given.

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