Science classes are held Mondays & Wednesdays,
(with the exception of Environmental Science,
which is held on Tuesday afternoon.)

HRM Book List 2014-2015

Supply Lists 2014 -2015

Middle School Courses

General Science (6-8)

Students will examine the scientific method, design experiments, and study simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology, and human anatomy and physiology.  Hands-on experiments. 

Lab fee: $40                                               
:  Mrs. Amy Cline

Space & Earth Science (6-8)

Study of the earth—the atmosphere, the celestial sphere (outer space), the lithosphere (the solid part of the earth), and the hydrosphere.

Lab fee:  $40   

Teacher:  Mrs. Sheila Watts

Physical Science (Grades 8 - 10)

Study of introductory physics of motion, Newton’s laws, gravity, and the principles of chemistry.

Pre-requisite:  Space and Earth Science and Pre-Algebra

Lab fee: $40
Teacher: Mrs. Liz von Dohlen



High School Courses

Biology (9-12)

Students will study cellular biology, genetics,
taxonomy,   microbiology, botany, zoology, and human anatomy.  Discussions teach creationism while examining evolution's theories.  Hands-on activities.  

Lab fee: $50         
: Mrs. Amy Cline


Chemistry (10-12)
Study of the foundation of atomic structure, bonding, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, nomenclature, kinetic theory, solutions, acids and bases, chemical equilibrium, organic and biochemistry, and nuclear chemistry.

PrerequisitesBiology, Physical Science, Algebra 1 

Lab fee: $50 

: Mrs. Liz von Dohlen



Anatomy and Physiology  (11 - 12)
Beginning with a cellular model and cell division, students will study human body systems.

Pre-requisite:  Biology 
Lab fee
:  $50

Teacher:  Dr. Scott Pagano

Physics  (11 - 12)

The study of Newton’s laws of motion, kinematics, dynamics, forces, work, energy, conservation laws, thermodynamics, electricity, electronics, electromagnetic energy, optics, quantum physics, and nuclear physics 

Pre-requisites:  Algebra 1 and 2

Lab fee:  $50











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