All English students who have not completed the previous full year of Home Run Ministries’ English classes must take an admissions test for assessment and placement.  The interview/test will include  grammar, reading comprehension, and a written essay. The interview/test is 1 hour long and costs $50. Parents are expected to attend the interview. Tests are by appointment only and held after the parent submits all the application and registration materials.



All English classes teach and utilize IEW writing techniques, which include note taking, outlining, summarizing from notes, story sequence charts, critiques, students’ original stories, essays, writing from pictures, creative writing, and research writing.

Academic Literature Selections 2014 -2015

HRM Book List 2014-2015

Summer Reading for English Students 2014

Supply Lists 2014 -2015

Basic English (6-7)

All new incoming sixth and seventh grade  students will study introductory-level writing, literature, grammar, and vocabulary.  Spelling rules emphasized.

Teacher: Mrs. Kathy Carman


English 1 (7-8)

Students will engage in an intermediate-level study of essay writing, grammar mechanics, literature interpretation, vocabulary, and study skills.

Teachers: Mrs. Laura Edge or Mrs. Marguerite Armistead


English 2  (9-10)

Students will study high school-level grammar, vocabulary development, literature interpretation, and writing with an emphasis on writing topical essays.

Teacher: Mrs. Kathy Carman


English 3 or 4 (10-12)

Students will engage in college preparatory-level work in grammar, vocabulary, world literature, and writing including the formal critique essay, the persuasive essay as required on the new college entrance tests, and  library research projects. PSAT/SAT readiness is also covered as well as college entrance essays.

Teacher: Mrs. Giselle Ates

The English Department acquires the literature books, many  used, so that the entire class is using the same edition.  HRM will bill parents a rental fee for the books HRM supplies and then distribute them to the students as needed.




Writing Workshop (grades 6-12) 

New incoming students placed in English classes are also required to take the writing workshop, Monday through Thursday, August 25-28, 2014 for an additional fee of $85 ($75 if registered for writing workshop by May 31, 2014.)   This workshop allows the incoming students to become familiar with the writing techniques and terminology taught in our English classes.


During the summer, parents will receive a book list. Home Run Ministries will bill parents a rental fee for the books that HRM supplies.  Teachers will distribute those books to the students as needed. It will be the responsibility of the parents to purchase all other student books prior to the beginning of classes.



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