We purpose to assist home schooling families in the Godly education of their students through affordable tutorial classes. Our goal is for each student to reach his or her God-given potential while emphasizing Christian values. We strive to help develop academic and spiritual disciplines in your students that will benefit them for life. Academic standards are set high in order to prepare students for college and success wherever God leads them.

Our classes are an extension of your home school. Home Run Ministries is a partner with your family in the education of your students. Parents' participation in the monitoring of their students' studies is vitally important to the success of the student and the program. We strive to offer academic excellence in a Christian setting with a Biblical worldview emphasized in all subject matter. The teachers and staff conduct themselves and teach according to the Statement of Faith for the ministry.

The training of home schooled students to be role models and leaders in society is a goal we share with parents. Students should strive for excellence in their character by pursuing Godly characteristics, including, but certainly not limited to: kindness, Christ-like love for others, obedience, responsibility, integrity, respect, attentiveness, gratefulness, truthfulness and honesty. We expect these qualities to be exemplified by all students at all times.

Serious students will approach learning and studying with eagerness and obedience. Excellence will be achieved when students exemplify attitudes of respect for their teachers and are dedicated to accomplishing all assignments in a disciplined and timely manner.

We offer the benefit of experienced teachers in a classroom setting at an affordable cost. Your student will benefit from lectures, group discussions, lab work, and academic competition in a controlled, Christian environment. The parents' benefits include but are not limited to: complete curriculum planning, graded assignments, semester grades, and accountability for your student to a teacher outside the family unit.

Kingwood Bible Church
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